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Small Green Plants

Wellness Workshops

Workshop presentations foschools, colleges, and organizations
looking for 30 - 90min talks.

Among the topics I teach on:
* Stress Management Skills
* Basics of Positive Health

* Manifest a Healthy Mindset 


Yoga & Pranayama Classes

Leading or teaching 
yoga and/or breathwork for
for small to mid-sized groups.

* Restorative/Yim Yoga
*Vinyasa Flow Yoga
* Magical Morning Meditation
* Breathwork for Pain & Stress

Workplace Wellness Consultant

Healthier = Happier, so increase retention & morale by taking care of those who take care of your business. 

* Creating Positive Office Culture
* Ergonomics & Eco-Awareness
* Establishing Wellness Initiatives
* Health & Well
ness Coaching 

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