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This herbal concoction can be enjoyed throughout the day to relieve stress, but the properties within the chosen herbs are especially known for helping you drift off to sleep.

All Organic Ingredients: Lemon Balm, Lavender, Oatstrew, Spearmint, Rose and Valerian Root

Seep 4-8mins, let cool and enjoy!

Good Night's Sleep Tea

  • Because the botanical nature of this product, we cannot accept refunds or returns. Should this tea not meet your standards, we encourage you to share it with a friend, as taste is subjective!

    We will offer you a discount towards a future product.

    NOTE: Buyer must check for any personal allergens or contraindications prior to purchase. Seller is not responsible for knowing your needs/preferences.

  • All packages are sent via US Postal Service. We try to get orders out in 3-5 business days but cannot be responsible for the rate of shipping once we send it out.

    If you want to pick up, email us to arrange this.

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