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Updated: May 2

We've all been there. That place in our heads where our work day finishes and relaxation begins. Finally, we can unwind. Some days that means coming home, taking off our shoes, ripping off our bra, and diving immediately into our comfy sweats and fuzzy socks and pouring a big glass of wine. Other times, that means getting together with girlfriends over a few glasses (or bottles) of pinot noir so we can share, and gossip, and again, unwind & relax with trusted gal pals and confidants. But when it comes to self-care, truly taking care of our mental, emotional, physical needs, then perhaps investigating this well-established pattern of un-wine-ding bares necessity. Why are we socially conditioned to engage in a habit that is designed to have the opposite effect? It's no newsflash that more wine does not equate to more relaxation. More wine brings things like, poor eating habits, it disrupts sleep, and comes with less intentional thoughts (often paired with "things I wish I hadn't said" like a nice brie). All of these, and possible hangovers are compliments of the house, even though all we really want is the chance to relax. In our head, we like the idea of relaxing with a drink - but without getting into the deep science, our body would prefer to opt for something that would increase its ability to actually bring us into the parasympathetic stage of the autonomic system that allows us to recharge, repair and ...RELAX! I'm not saying wine is the devil and you should avoid it at all costs - but even if it IS only one glass, the sugar alone in the wine is having the opposite effect. Your body is not actually relaxing. My Self-Care Challenge: Swap your natural "go-to" drink to something with lots of taste and no negative side effects and invite yourself (or a friend) to relax over a cup of herbal tea. Herbal tea (not black, green or white tea in it) has no caffeine, allowing for deeper relaxation. The amount of types are endless and can be suited to any palate, (minty, spicy, sweet, flowery, etc.) or to any wellness concern (digestion, sleep, stress, energy). Email me if you need guidance about which tea is right for you or visit our store. Yes, I know it sounds like your grandmother's idea, but maybe granny was right about a few things, You'll be amazed how easily conversation flows with friends, due to tea's natural ability to relax the mind and the body, and how easily it can be to fall asleep. Better sleep without the hangover? That's the Wisdom of the Cup.